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To be directed by:

Marina Seresesky

Written by:

Marta Sánchez and Irene Niubó, base on the original film “No Instructions Not Included”


Comedia, Drama

With the participation of:



Leo is a single and womanizing guy who lives day by day in a tiny beach town in the Canary Islands. One day, one of his past flings from Madrid, Julia, arrives and leaves a few months old baby, Alba, in his arms before disappearing. Alba is his daughter, whom he had no knowledge of, a result of a casual romance. Unable to care for a baby and determined to return her to her mother, Leo goes to Madrid to try to find her but is unsuccessful. As time passes, the child grows up alongside her father, leading a fun and affectionate life. After eight years, Julia reappears with the intention of taking custody of her daughter away from Leo.