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Love & Revolution

Directed by:

Alejandro Marín

Written by:

Alejandro Marín
Carmen Garrido


Drama, Comedia, LGTBIQ+



Distributed by:


Original Title:

Te estoy amando locamente

Produced by:

Escándalo Films, Escac Estudio, Zeta Studios y La Pepa Films


Seville, 1977. Reme is proud that her son Miguel is going to become the first university student in the family. But what Miguel really wants is to be an artist and sing in a popular television contest. At a time when homosexuality is a crime in Spain, Reme will also discover who her son's new friends are: the incipient Andalusian LGTBI movement, which, paradoxically, was born in the heart of the Church.

  • Ana Wagener
  • Omar Banana
  • Alba Flores
  • Carmen Orellana
  • La Dani
  • Lola Buzón
  • Alex De la Croix
  • Jesús Carroza
  • Mari Paz Sayago
  • Manuel Morón